Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To all: re the weather

This morning I was chatting to the lovely Sharon Owens via email and we were giving out about the weather.
It's shite isn't it? I mean I remember when my wee man was just over a year old and my VBF Vicki came over to Ireland for the St. Patrick's Weekend. It was gloriously sunny - so sunny in fact we went to Tesco and bought t-shirts and shorts for the baby boy AND sun cream and we really needed to use it.
We drove to the beach and sat in the sun, and let it beat off our faces and even ate ice cream. I swear I even got a hint of colour.
This morning I went out to the car to find ICE on the windscreen. It was 1.5 degrees and I read on some website or other it might even snow over Easter. Snow! For the love of the wee baby Jesus what is that about?
Anyway, it dawned on me that this awful crappy weather is entirely my fault
Last year I spent a wadge of money getting our sun-trap yard transformed from messy concrete ick fest to gorgeous patioed retreat with hanging lanterns, table and chairs and planters a go -go. It has rained almost every day since. I think I have a unique way of jinxing things.
I have managed in the course of that year to be able to sit out in the "sunshine" twice and on one of those occasions it was touch and go whether or not the frost bite would lead to an actual amputation of my toes.

So I'm sorry. I promise not to tempt the weather gods any more. I might even a buy a jumper to see if reverse psychology works.

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