Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leave a man to dress a child...

And chances are, these will be the results.
The husband is in charge of the boy this week. Fed up with waiting for his daddy to dress him, Joseph decided to do things his way.
Yes, the top was on backwards and yes, those are welly boots. And no, he wasn't wearing a vest, or pants, or socks.

Thankfully the husband had the foresight to correct this before they went out but no, I would not have been shocked at all to have this site greet me at the end of my working day.

When the boy was a mere baby in his pram, I arranged to meet the husband for coffee one day in town. It was September and chilly and I was wearing my big coat. There I was sitting supping my tea when I see in the husband (in his big coat) approaching with the pram.
Sitting inside was a frozen chip of a thing, a baby in too small clothes, with no coat and bib covered in some unidentified orange gloop.
I did what ever decent mother would do - grabbed the pram, ran to the Tesco across the road, bought a new outfit (and winter coat), changed the boy in the baby changing room and returned to the cafe to finish my tea.


The IT Girl said...

Typical! Hehe funny though ;)

Anonymous said...


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