Monday, March 17, 2008

Things I didn't get to do this weekend...

...Drive to Letterkenny to see my book in Tesco.
Was mildly gutted - but the boy remained bokesome until yesterday evening and I felt mildly nauseated myself. I do not know if the nauseated on my part was down to the smell of sick sticking in my nostrils all weekend or if I'm coming down with the lurgy myself.
The upside is I can't bring myself to eat or drink anything which has to be good for the diet because trust me the Holy season of Lent has not been good for my waistline. It is as if on subconscious level I've been doing a reverse sacrafice type of thing as a rebellion to my Catholic upbringing.
I bought the boy his Easter Egg yesterday and it's still there - which is an Easter miracle in itself as it is has been known for the boy to get egg mark 4 by the time the day rolls around.
What I did get to do this weekend however was go out for dinner with some old friends (and my sister). It was all very last minute and one of the old friends was someone I had not seen or actually broken breath with in eight years so I was terrified it would be all awkward and wrong.
But the craic was good, the wine was plentiful and the hugs were lovely.
So no Tesco, but things were great all the same.

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