Friday, March 14, 2008

Things to do this weekend

Drive to Letterkenny to visit Tesco. Yes, I have a perfectly good Tesco less than five minutes from my front door but it's not a Tesco Ireland and I want to visit an Irish Tesco so that I can see Rainy Days and Tuesdays on the shelves.
There is, of course, a great deal of debate among the writerly fraternity about the sale of books in supermarkets, profit margins and the amount of money that actually makes it back to us lowly authors.
Of course, in an ideal world, everyone would pay full price for my book and I would have a big bag of money from which I could afford to buy everyone else's books at full price. But this has never been an ideal world and I'm happy (deliriously so) to see my book on the shelves of Tesco at all.
Being a writer is a huge priviledge - especially being a published writer. God knows I know plenty of talented writer peeps struggling for a break while I have been phenomenally lucky. (Of course my dear friend Fionnuala would say good lucks comes after hard work...). Getting a break is hard going and if it means selling books at cut prices in supermarket so that more people - people who wouldn't normally read, or wouldn't have much a chance to visit the local bookshop - then so be it.

I'm as a big a fan of bookshops as anyone else. I almost faint with joy at the smell of freshly painted books , oh the delicious paper... but you take what you can.

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Anonymous said...

hiya doll,
its hard working Fionnuala here! I just wanted to share my love of book shops, book shelves, the nature, scent and feel of a new book -yum yum pigs bum! (expression of a five year old I know but today after being at hte rugby where Ireland lost I feel like sucking my thumb!)

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