Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things to melt your heart part 1

When I got up for work this morning the boy was still asleep. Usually as soon as he hears me move from the bed he's awake and as bright as a button looking to have a bit of craic before pleading with me not to go to work and stay with him instead.

This morning though, he stayed out for the count and I kissed his wee sweaty head, rubbed his wee cheek and told him I loved him before creeping out of the house. (He was left in the care of his daddy, just in case you wondered).

Anyway, my phone rings at work just before 11 and it is the boy. He wants to talk to me and he sounds all teary and emotional.

"Mummy, mummy, I forgot to give you something. I really wanted to give you something this morning but you went to work."

"What sweetie," I asked (while trying not to focus on the fact he has JUST woken up).

"A kiss and a cuddle mummy. I love you."

Me. Desk. Heart bursting. Tears.

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