Monday, June 30, 2008

You know how people have their dirty little secrets...

Mine is that as a teenager I was obsessed.. and I mean obsessed... with Bros. Not as much as Keris was, in fairness but that's only because she lived closer and could take her stalking to a whole new level.
I just admired from a far, and it was the saddest regret of my teenage years that I never saw them in concert.
Now, however, it seems as if my dreams could come true.
I received this email from a friend today..

We've had the return of New Kids On The Block, Take That and Boyzone - and now a Bros comeback could be on the cards.Former lead singer Matt Goss has revealed the three members of the former boyband have been discussing a reunion tour: "Being in a band is like being a politician, you've got to make sure everyone is happy. But Luke, Craig and definitely myself - we're all up for it."Speaking at the premiere of his twin brother Luke's latest film Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Matt explained it's mainly a question of getting everyone's schedules in sync: "If we can make the numbers work and the venues work, then we're all up for it."The group had 11 Top 40 singles and three Top 20 albums in the UK, with songs including I Owe You Nothing, When Will I Be Famous? and Cat Among Pigeons - and Matt reckons it'd be fun to play the songs live again."I had the best time," he revealed. "I think everyone that went to see Bros gigs had the best time and that's the one reason we all agreed it'd be a good laugh if we did it."He added that their army of passionate teenage fans may have grown up now, but they aren't any less crazy."They're still pretty insane," he said. "They weren't too cool for the room, they knew how to have a good time. That's the way I feel."

So Penelope, I see your Neil Diamond obsession and I raise you two bottle tops and a paisley patterned bandana.
I'm practising my husky "oooooaaaaahhhss" as we speak.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Bros!! I have to confess that I did rather like them too, and now I suddenly feel extremely old eeeek!
I hope you get to see them, and also, have an amazing time in Bonny Scotland! Have a drink (or 4) for me! ;o)

Keris said...

Woo-hoo! I'll have to keep an eye out (Matt's one of my Facebook friends, don't you know?!). :)

Donna said...

I suppose I should be embarrassed to admit I was from the generation that liked the New Kids from the Block band - so, I'm not admitting it!

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