Thursday, January 24, 2008

Defeating depression

The very kind people at Aware, a Northern Ireland based organisation which supports people with depression, have asked me to support their 'One in Ten' Mothers' Day Campaign which will highlight how one in ten women will develop post natal depression.
I developed Post Natal Depression after the birth of the boy, and I intend to write a full blog of my story in the coming weeks. It was not a pleasant time and I still have some emotional scars from it.
One of the biggest things for me at the time was that I felt there was no support out there. And even in this enlightened day and age I felt as if I was broken on the inside for not immediately falling head over heels in love with the J-man.
Of course, I got help, and I love him now more than anything in this world with a sense of pride so fierce I would do anything for him. (Die, walk over hot coals, give up chocolate. You name it!)
I still have depressive episodes, but I know there is help there.
And I intend to work with Aware over the coming month to make sure others know that help is out there too.

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