Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A kick up the writerly arse

I have a vay lovely friend called Fionnuala, who one of these days is going to be the most famousest writers in the universe because - trust me - her writing is that good. I mean I actually thought she was big Mazza in disguise for a while... only better.

Anyway, writing aside (and our plans for a WW Irish girls world domination type thing... like the Spice Girls only with more chocolate) she has become a very supportive and lovely friend and today I was having yet another "everything I write is shit and my life is shit and yadda yadda yadda" moment and she sent me a funny email - a vay funny email and I'm to share it because it made me laugh and anything that makes me laugh at the moment is just fine in my book!

‘So Claire……why do you think your book is shit?’
‘Because I’m just not sure it’s me…’

‘I’m hearing a little denial here Claire. Do you think you possibly just want to start writing the next one?’
‘Er, maybe’

‘And what makes you think that one won’t be shit?’
‘It won’t be. I’ll make it funny. I do funny better…..easier. It’s all about the worst year of my life and..’

‘Aaah, so you want it to be easier. Well I can understand that – you work full time, have a busy day, have a young son to look after. I can understand the attraction of easier’
‘Er I think it would also be better?’

‘Why’s that?’
‘Just would’

‘How old did you say you were Claire?’

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manic muse said...

At the risk of sounding like some seventies hairy person at a piano (Gilbert someone?) my response to this was:

Oh Claire....

Ta for your kind words and for continuing our mutual admiration society!


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