Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ma ma ma me me me me more Milkshake

For those who saw my mini nervous breakdown yesterday rest assured, I am much calmer and not as likely to kill anyone today.
There, that's better, isn't it?
So here's a little update on where we are right now. Book Three - the thus far named 'Jumping in Puddles' is about 43,000 words down and has had the seal of approval from the agent. The fact that the agent likes it is good. If she had have told me she didn't like it, i imagine I would not be posting a bright, sunny picture of a children's television presenter today. No, I would most likely be lying prostate, tearing at the ground below me crying: "Why God, why?".
This means I can now continue writing the book (except for tonight as Desperate Housewives is on hmmmmm Mike.... hmmmmm Tom) and hopefully finish it by the September deadline (or ideally earlier than that if at all humanly possible as summer will most likely be spent editing book two 'Blue Line Blues'.)
I have realised I define myself a lot my by writing.
I am not sure that is a good thing.
In other news, I attempted to do my Strictly Come Dancersize DVD at the weekend. I did the warm up - although seeing the flat stomach on Erin Boag was enough to make me want to hurl my gargantuan mass at the TV. Anyway, I rolled my hips when told and shook my booty. I then attempted the salsa work out, but by the time Karen Hardy explained the moves I had cooled down again and the boy was done his bath and demanding my attention.
Still... the warm up was better than nothing? Non?
I ate chips on Monday night. They were lovely. I had just been visiting my sick granny in hospital and didn't get home til 9 and by that stage the thought of my battery farm reared chicken breasts was unappealing (fecking Jamie fecking Oliver) so I went for some battery reared chips instead. With cheese. I felt all rebellious and wild and non-flat-stomachy. Ha, take that Erin Boag!
I realise I am definining myself a lot by my not-flat stomach.
I am not sure that is a good thing.
Yesterday the boy was, in his own words, "a little bit sick". He had a wee cough and a bit of a temperature. It was nothing that Calpol wouldn't and didn't cure so he was packed out to school as per normal and joyously told the teachers of his new prized possession - a pair of £3 wellie boots. He gets ever so excited when the weekend rolls about because then he can wear them again.
On Sunday we went for a walk together - him wellie booted to his oxters - and climbed a big hill using pretend ropes to pull us up. Then we walked through a mucky field and jumped in some muddy puddles and his rosy cheeks were red from the cold and from grinning so much at the simple fun he was having.
Because of his general cuteness and wee-bit-sickness I gave in yesterday and sent the email I had promised to for ages to Milkshake (Channel 5, Kids TV) to ask that he get the Milkshake Thumbs Up for being so good.
He did, this morning. They read it out (Naomi - our favourite was the presenter and thus is why she is pictured above) and his face lit up.
I realise I am defining myself a lot by my parental status.
I am sure this a good thing.

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Keris said...

Ha! Tuesday I did just the warm-up. This morning I did the warm-up and then attempted the Cha-cha. It was not pretty.

Erin walks you through all the steps, which is fine, but then when you actually come to do the routine it's about 10 times as fast and I was floundering around like I had a bee down my bra.

At least I was moving, eh?

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