Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In out, in out...

During my journey through cyberspace today I read Shauna Reid's Adventures of Diet Girl blog, which I discovered a few months ago through Bloggers with Book Deals.
I've mentioned Shauna before because she lost 12 stone. TWELVE STONE. Which is a lot in anyone's book and, speaking of books, she wrote one about losing her TWELVE STONE and it's out now. (And I'm buying it all to myself on payday!).

Anyway, today on her blog she talks about those smug feckers who think losing weight is simply an issue of eating less and moving about more. Which, we all know, is a pile of shite. I read her post and it made me laugh, but it also made me cry. She talks of defining herself as fat. I do that - all the time. I sit and think of how to describe me and the first thought is fat. It's always been that way, even when I was 10 stone (a loooooong time ago) and more so now that I'm considerably more than 10 stone. It's a horrible place to be when your first thought about yourself is what you weigh - and what others think you weigh. I see myself as a person, yes, but as a woman - an attractive woman - no. I never have and I'm not sure I will.
But reading Shauna's post I'm determined to read her book and see if I can change that. That would be pretty amazing.

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