Monday, January 07, 2008

That monday feeling...

I'm becoming old. I have turned into Victoria Meldrew. All last week, as the schools were off on holiday, it took me a mere six minutes to get to work each morning. That's JUST six minutes. I could leave my home at 8.50 and be at my desk well in advance (well, four minutes) of that 9am start time.
Now, the schools are back and I left my house at 8.20am and it took me half and hour to travel the same distance. Then I had to leave my niece at my aunts, and the boy to school and make it to work, at 9.08am.
And everyone (not just me for a change) seems to be in a bad mood. The weather is awful which no doubt contributes, but January just seems such a meh month.
So I'll mention the things I'm tentatively looking forward too - in the hope that helps me smile.

1)(Cue soppy mammy alert) Seeing the boy when I get home this evening after work. Someone has taken my demon child and replaced him with a well behaved, wonderfully well mannered son who is affectionate to an unheard of level. The drive in the rain home will be worth it when I see his gorgeous face.

2) Seeing the husband when I get home. Last year was tough for him, and for us as a couple, but we seem to have pulled that little bit closer lately and I look forward to seeing him and seeing our fortunes turn a little.

3) On a wider scale - losing more weight! The christmas 4lbs is nearly gone and then I'll be hurtling towards my goal of a gorgeous pink handbag from Next as a treat for shedding 2 stone!

4) Holiday! We are going on our first family jaunt in April, to Spain for a week. I'm vay excited.

5) Book- "Blue Line Blues" is due for release this summer. I have to see the cover, read the blurb and all those exciting firsts again.

That's enough to be getting on with...

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