Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from a short break...

Sorry for not blogging on Friday - I was doing something very exciting. (Not that blogging isn't exciting, ya know... but drinking and having a night off from being a mummy is marginally more exciting).
On Friday I travelled to Belfast to meet with some writer friends. These are the ladies I've been chatting to through the Write On Irish Girls site, Write Words and just on email and we had been promising for a long time together for food and drink.
And indeed there was food and drink (and lots of both).
End result is that on Saturday I was reduced to a snoring heap trying to wake up and not eat my body weight in Kentucky Fried Chicken. (I resisted - hurrah!).
It was deeply refreshing and lovely to get together with girls who chatted about all the same things I did - who's eyes didn't glaze over at the mention of edits and POVs. And while writing took up a lot of our conversation time, we also just had a damn good giggle.
Which was good really because I'm not very giggly today. I'm not all floored with depression either - just feeling mildly emotional as I've just bought the boy's school uniform. Surely he is too young? Much, much too young?

In other news I've written my "About the Author" for Feels Like Maybe... which will be released in two months!

Claire Allan was born and raised in Derry, where she still lives with her husband Neil and their four year old son Joseph. She is a self confessed homebird and spends more time with her parents than is normal for a grown woman.
She has worked as a reporter with the Derry Journal since 1999.
In her (very limited) spare time she loves reading, watching films with happy endings and drinking cold wine with friends.
Claire remains addicted to buying inexpensive handbags and shoes from Tesco and Next. She is actively seeking a 12 step programme to deal with her chocolate addiction.
Feels Like Maybe' is her second novel. You can visit her website at

Don't I just sound lovely?


Penelope said...

First the weekend sounds like heaps of fun! Nothing like a little "time out" is there?
And your "about the author" sounded cute, like a real person, not someone half way up their own arse which a lot sound like!

Fionnuala said...

almost as lovely as you are in real life!

Donna said...

I love your "About the Author".
When you find that 12 step program, clue me in 'cause I need some serious help!

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