Thursday, June 19, 2008

The saga of the chicken continues...

So last night I finished work at a more Christian hour and decided it would be the night for marinading the damn chicken. I set to work toasting my coriander seeds and crushing them, all the while wondering I couldn't just use damned coriander powder and save myself the trauma of hot, smelly seeds bouncing all over my kitchen.
Marinade made, and chicken soaking nicely, I put the boy to bed and set about preparing the rest of the meal. Himself was much impressed with the smell of it, but looked dubious about the physical appearance.
He was even more dubious when he saw the diet sized portion of rice I was offering him.
My "made for two" portion was smaller than his usual single effort.
After much toiling and using every utensil in the house I sat down to eat my dinner.

It was horrible.

Back to the drawing board.


Fionnuala said...

A too much buggering work! Pah! Fry chicken & onion, add a tub of lowfat creme fraiche, then a dab of honey and some wholegrain mustard. Chuck it on a plate with some rice, preferably cooked rice and bobs yer uncle. Ten minutes. x

Donna said...

I hate it when that happens.
So was it the whole meal that was terrible or is fixable?

Anonymous said...

I semi-invented a really low fat bean curry (not as bad it sounds!) that takes no time to make, the kids love it and I can eat heaps. It looks slightly like something the dog threw up but we don't let it put us off - heh!
Drop me an email if you want details ;o)

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