Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wordcount woohooo!

90,000 words of current WIP (called Jumping in Puddles - so JIP if you prefer) are now written.
Actually it's closer to 91,000 if we are being picky and it's all getting very exciting.
I'm sure I've blogged about this book before and what it is about but it has without a doubt been the toughest journey I've taken as a writer. I've loved it, but God it has been a challenge and one which, I hope, I've met with gusto.

Anyway, the WIP that is JIP deals with four lone parents in a small coastal village in Donegal.
They are brought together when the mysterious Bernie sets up a support group for them and they meet each Tuesday night in the musty community centre for tea, letter writing and chocolate biscuits.
Our parents are

1) Niamh - a widowed yummy mummy of two twins. She lived the picture perfect life - big house, flash car, designer shoes until her husband crashed his car into a ditch and died. Stupid bastard. As she tries to piece her life back together she uncovers a secret that will change her forever.

2) Ruth is a definitely not yummy mummy of three. She married young and remained devoted to her husband - despite his violent tendencies and general arse-wipeness- until he ran off with Laura Cunningham.

3) Liam Cunningham is the husband of the aforementioned Laura Cunningham and is utterly devastated that the love of his life has run off leaving him heartbroken and with sole care of their 10 year old daughter Poppy. He's determined to do everything he can to get her back - but is this a case of rose tinted glasses?

4) Ciara is a teenage mum who refuses to tell anyone in the village who the father of her baby is. Will she find the strength to speak up, clear her name and take the shine off the village's golden boy (and the smirk off her boss' face!).

So yes, book three - quite the challenge (and here is the writer speak bit) four POVs, all third person (not done that before) including a man and a teenager - trying to make sure all the strands work together while trying to do justice to the issues of grief and domestic violence and still trying to be funny.

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine where you start with something like this. Well done on almost being at the end!
The synopsis of the characters was super - this is going to be right up my street - can't wait!

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