Friday, June 06, 2008

Cliched in the city

Okay- hands up, I'm a walking cliche.
I went to see Sex and the City last night and I loved it. Predictable? Moi? Of course.
But then what is not to love? It's a story of four friends growing up and getting on with life. And there are nice shoes and gorgeous wedding dresses (some rotten wedding dresses too, and some dodgy shoes while we are it - but what the hey?)
I laughed - I cried - I laughed some more - and I cried some more and I felt utterly, utterly empowered as a woman as I walked out because even though there was Big, Harry, Steve and Smith - the primary relationship in all these girls lives was still their friends.
And the friendship made me bawl and I wanted to call up my bestest girl friends and tell them I loved them. I wanted to get on a plane and fly to see my VBF and tell her I loved her and laugh til we nearly pee. (One month til I see her woohooo!).
It was the ultimate feel good movie and today I feel good. So good in fact I might just go and see it again - with my friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh I really want to see this. I'm going to kidnap my BFF next weekend if I can ;o)

Donna said...

Nice to hear good reviews.
Now, go call your friends!

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