Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy birthday VBF!

*Before I start quick disclaimer - the photo above was taken last year before I lost weight. Yes, I know I'm a bloater in it. Yes, I know it's shocking. Yes, I was the fattest bridesmaid in Derry.. etc.

BUT that aside...

Today is my VBF's birthday. Her name is Vicki and she's Scottish. (Hence my knowledge of certain Glaswegian turns of phrases in RD&T)
Now I "met" Vicki four and some years ago when I was pregnant and she was also pregnant with her third child. (I know, she doesn't look old enough to have one never mind three!). We "met" on an internet forum and quickly clicked. She was very lovely when I was a snottery awful mess after having Joseph and then I was lovely when she was getting used to baby Dylan after only having previous experience of little girls.
We met proper that summer and we try to meet up several times a year. I go to Scotland or she comes to Ireland, or we both go to England.
She is the one person in this world who knows me inside out. She can make me laugh til I want to puke, but will hold my hand when all I want to do is cry. She understands when I just want to have some time to myself and there are no pretences. Even when we have done our Bert and Ernie impressions in twin beds in hotels, I feel comfortable enough that I can just have a wee lie down while she reads or vice versa. That doesn't sound very rock and roll but the fact that I can relax, entirely and without reservation, in her company means so much to me.
She is my cheerleader, my counsellor, my personal comedienne and I feel utterly, utterly bless to have her in my life.
When I have been going through the ringer with depression she has hauled me back out again. It is fair to say she has saved my life.
So Vicki - here's to you - my VBF. I glad fate brought us together. Happy birthday chick.


Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to hear me say "you look gorgeous" because I know what it's like to shift some weight. But you still do...just saying ;o)
I love best friends like that - the very best kind! They should be cherished - always.

Keris said...

What a lovely post. And I think you look gorgeous in that pic.

Donna said...

I love friends like that, it's so nice to have people who love you unconditionally.

Secondly, I struggle with weight issues too, but I just have to say I agree with penelope and Keris - you look gorgeous!

Karen said...

That is such a lovely post.

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