Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My desk

I'm such a copy cat, I've stolen this from Donna and Penelope and I'm sorry but you don't get the full impact of the desk as I was taking this in my break at work and didn't want people to think I was a total loon - but I feel I have captured the essence of me.
I would show you my home desk except that himself has hijacked it entirely and most of my writing is now done on my laptop, on the sofa in my living room, propped up by cushions.

Anyway behold, the hub of my work.
You see before you, from left to right, my purse. I have no idea why it is sat on my desk except that I was at the shop earlier and was probably too lazy to put it back in my bag. It is sat on the top of an envelope which contained a press release which as you can see has been filed under "sit there for a week" as I'm in a lazy mode.
Behind that is my phone. I love my phone. It makes me feel very professional and important. Yes, I am that sad.
Now beside the phone is the obligatory "I love my mummy" photo frame - a necessary accessory for all working mothers to either heap on the guilt or remind us why we are working depending on our mood. I like to think of the episode of the Simpsons where Homer makes a little shrine in Maggie in his work to remind himself he is doing it for her.
In front of the obligatory frame is my Willow Tree woman - who represents courage. My colleage Erin bought her to me when I got my book deal. It means an awful lot.
And then we have the Diet Coke can. Yes, I'm addicted. I'm trying to cut down for caffeine over load reasons - honestly I am.
And then we have my work computer.. complete with model butterfly made by my gorgeous niece and two stones to represent the two stone I've lost (although I've put some of that back on - but hush... say nothing).
What you can't see is a pile of newspapers, a mug with my name on, a Matalan press pack, a copy holder crammed with press releases, books, sellotape and a spork and a signed note from an author friend. Nor can you see my sunglasses folded neatly beside my Primrose doll, some Clarins handcream (free sample!) and some of that Forehead stuff for tension headaches.


Anonymous said...

These are great! Such an insight into people's lives!
Congrats on the 2 stones, and I love that they are on your desk - I just lost 2 stones too, I think I'll go and dig 2 out of my garden and stick them in amongst the clutter ;o)

Donna said...

A Simpson reference - Fabulous!

Pop, can't give it up either. I just love the flavor/taste; although, I can't do diet.

Now, what's with the 2 stones? I'm mildly curious.

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