Monday, June 23, 2008

Random things stuck in my head

I am a firefighter
I wear a yellow hat
And when I hear the alarm bell ring
I know there's a fire to put out
So I down the pole I slide so fast
And into my engine I go
Driving through the traffic with my siren going so..
NEENAW NEENAW NEENAW, down the pole I go
NEENAW NEENAW NEENAW, up the ladder I go
NEENAW NEENAW NEENAW, spray the water on
Rescue all the people, until the fire's gone.

I may be losing my mind. So if you see me, muttering to myself today, or rocking gently - don't worry. I'm just singing my song.


Anonymous said...

Oh great - now I have "Fireman Sam" stuck in my head and my kids haven't watched that in maybe 10 years!
Huge glass of wine needed? ;o)

Fionnuala said...

OKAY! You've lost it!

Claire said...

It's refreshing to have lost it though.
Makes me feel in control when I'm not.
My friend's little one calls me Crazy Claire - she may have a point.

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