Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well that was a disaster...

Just back from the school.

Almost too traumatised to speak.

Visit fine.

School grand. Little F was a star and little F's mummy assured me that she is not child prodigy and my child a dunce. My child is fine. Little F just older.

Escaped unscathed.

Left J back at my aunts.

Tantrum commenced.

Hysterical, snottery "mammydon'tgobacktoworkIloveyouandwantogotoworkwithyouandpleasedon'tleaveme" tantrum.

Aunt peeled child off me and I drove away... slightly snottery myself.


Donna said...

I feel your pain. When I left for work the other day lil Darlin started crying as soon as I handed her over. Talk about heartwrenching.

Anonymous said...

*Hugs* I know it's horrible! I find a huge glass of wine fixes most things ;o)

Claire said...

Spoke to a woman last night who told me when her little one started school it was *she* who had to be dragged from the child.

She wasn't even joking.

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