Monday, June 02, 2008

*Steam from ears*

Okay, in the words of Primrose from Fifi and the Flowertots, "I'm not having a very good day" (I have that wee doll on my desk in work, by the way... to remind me to laugh at myself when I'm being overly dramatic... which I am a lot).
Anyway..Took a sickie from work as I literally am wheezing like a fecker and went to the docs convinced I had a chest infection/ TB/ cancer and was told I most probably have hay fever!!! HAY FEVER for feck sake! I'm almost 32!
Who gets hay fever for the first time at 32?
Anyway I've enough pills and sprays to make me rattle and I'm home feeling like a gom for taking a day off sick with hay fever, but in fairness walk any further than the length of myself and I'm huffing like an old woman in an iron lung.

To top it off have discovered the boy wants to be an ancient egyptian and has created hieroglyphic drawings all up my (freshly painted) stair walls! They have great artistic merit, but holy Jesus! I can' t be coping.

And THEN we have the chimney sweep come out because oil is getting so damned dear who can afford it, and he tells us the fecking chimney is blocked with bricks and brings two of the feckers down for us to look at.
Hubby didn't think to ask does that now make our chimney structurally unsound (we paid to have the damn thing rebuilt 5 years ago) and the chimney sweep boy seems to think the house would require major surgery to fix.
Have just eaten three medicinal caramel squares to cope with it all (and ranted to the lovely Sharon Owens who didn't tell me I was cracked and should feck off).
And even though I'm now sprayed, medicined and anti-histamined up to my forehead I'm still wheezing and sneezing because of all the crap cleaned out of the chimney. (Clean job these days... my arse!)


Donna said...

I don't know what to say - sending you some hugs!
(can I have some caramel too?)

Anonymous said...

Urgh! I have read recently that adult onset allergies like hayfever are on the increase. Sorry...that doesn't help...does it? :o(

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