Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting a bit OCD

*not intended to offend people who actually do have OCD - realise it is not laughing matter. Still must be nice to have a clean house...

I'm starting to get a bit nutty about things. Last night I tidied my laptop - purging it of old photo files and dodgy half written stories and drafts of drafts of other books. And then I hit my gmail - labelling, filing and and archiving.
Tonight I might even tackle my taxes (eek - me no like taxes. Taxes v.v.v. bad even though VBF's husband is accountant. They still make me come out in cold sweat and become convinced I'm going to be done for fraud because I've lost a receipt for a sheaf of paper or something. (Am very panicky these days... not good quality... coupled with OCD-like tendencies have become a barrel of laughs to live with... not).

Also have found that since reading Marian Keyes' 'This Charming Man' have inability to write emails/ blog posts etc without slipping into diary style conversation. V. annoying. Fodder once again for those who say am Marian Keyes copy cat. Am not Marian Keyes copy-cat. Am just me... in panicky/ OCD phase.

Zen phase not doing very well. Still taking the B-Vitamins though. Dirty big horse pills of things which smell horrible and stick in your throat. Mood not swinging as much though - pretty much settled on "pants".

Still, found I wrote 1000 words yesterday. This was good and made me smile. And there are small words in there too. Not all are spelled correckly (Ha! see what I did there! Smiling at own weak use of humour), but there are 1000 of them all the same.

Now if only I could get OCD re: writing. Would be churning book out a week in Barbara Cartland fashion and would get minion to type it up for me while I lay on my hoop eating Galaxy chocolate and growing to size of a house. Wouldn't care though - would have pink make up and fluffy slippers and minion would be hunky Clooney-alike.

*sigh* A girl can dream.

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