Monday, May 19, 2008

I've got the key...

I blogged last week how a very lovely writer friend sent me a thoughtful gift last week. Now I thought it was about time I shared that that gift was something very similar (but prettier) than the beautiful key charm pictured here.
My lovely new friend sent me the necklace as a reminder that I have the key to my success in my own possession and to wish me every success with my career as it progresses.
Given than I'm trying to be very zen about things - and failing - and given that for the last week I've had a complete crisis of confidence over the third book the gift was not only extremely appreciated (who says no to bling?) but also perfectly timed.
I've been wearing my lucky charm since and reminding myself that it is in my power to achieve what I want. Yes, wearing a necklace isnt going to start a bidding war on my latest MS but it does remind me that what is most important is being true to me, as a writer, and producing work I can be exceptionally proud of.
Wrote 1000 words at the weekend. No chocolate doodahs, but the words were flowing onto the page almost effortlessly and I found myself caught up in a different world where the characters were back to being people I knew so very well.
Perhaps all I needed all along was to remember that success lies within and if I keep believing in myself good things will happen.
So once again, thank you dear writer friend, you have made a big impact!

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Fionnuala said...

We all hold the key, dont we. If only we could shut up the negative chatter in our head, we'd probably all be Marion Keyes. Fx

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