Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Conversations with the Boy, Part 10

Picture the scene - driving home today - got out of work early (time off for good behaviour). Have picked the boy up and we are making our home past a row of shops. Figure as I'm out of work early might as well cook proper, nutritious dinner instead of potato "wobbles", fishy fingers and peas.
And here it goes...

M: Joseph, what would you like for dinner? Would you like potatoes and vegetables and gravy?
J: I don't like vegetables.
M: Yes you do, you like broccoli and carrots.
J: Yes, I do. I like those, but I don't like vegetables.
M: Mmmm, will be stop at the butchers and get something nice for dinner?
J: S'not the butchers mummy. It's the bitchers.
M: (Thinking I'd misheard) - The what Joseph? The BUTCHers?
J: No mummy. It's not the butchers. It's the BITCHers.
M: That's a whole different kind of a shop, Joseph.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Loving the learning the language. I get the same word from my son for chip and sheep. It's hard not to smirk just a little.

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