Friday, May 16, 2008

Sure as eggs is eggs...

Come about 11am on a Friday morning, when there is a mere two hours to a weekend of freedom, I will start to feel my throat getting scratchy and my head getting sore and a weekend of feeling "meh" coming.
Am feeling a bit foot stampy in a "S'not fair" kind of a way.
I blame the air conditioning and the fact I've obviously not been cleaning my house thoroughly enough to rid it of dodgy wee bugs and dustmites and that kind thing.
Fear I may become woman obsessed with bleach.

In other news received very gorgeous and most thoughtful gift from writer friend (who shall remain anonymous). I know she pops in here occasionally so thank you, you super star!

ETA: Wrote 200 words. House was on. Was lost in contemplating embrace with House Vs Wilson or indeed House/ Wilson combo fantasy so mind was not on writing. The 200 words did reference sex though... more on a chocolate doodah theme.

1 comment:

Fionnuala said...

See, the bugs see you coming with your bleach during your OCD moments and then they leap up your nose and down your throat. S'yer own fault for cleaning your doorstep. x

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