Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A lucky mummy

I have, ashamedly, been avoiding a lot of the news coverage of the earthquake in China but last night I caught footage on ITV news of the quake and immediate aftermath in Beichuan.
Among all the footage there was a segment where children, trapped in a collapsed school, were calling for help - calling for their mothers.
The children were so high up that rescuers could not easily get to them and parents were arriving at the school hoping their children would still be alive.
For every child the reporter saw alive, he said, there were three dead inside.

When I left my boy off at nursery school this morning and looked at all his little friends that statistic played through my mind again. For every one alive, three are dead.
And there are children calling out to their mothers and their mothers are unable to reach them.

It's worth thinking about.

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Donna said...

I've watched snippets of the reports but feel saddened with the thoughts of losing a child. Many of those families were only permitted to have one kid and it's so heart-wrenching to think the one child had could be lost forever.
It makes sending mine to school so much more scary.
Extra hugs and kisses have been doled.

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