Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things I'm not going to do anymore...

1: Beat myself up for not sticking to my GI diet after hitting the two stone off mark.
2: Drink quite so much Diet Coke - it is melting my brain.
3: "Forget" to take my Vitamin B supplements and wondering why my mood is swinging like a pendulum.
4: Decide I want a chippy tea when there is perfectly nice/ healthy/ nutritious food in the house. (Also related to GI diet issue).
5: Complain so much about my weight.

Things I AM going to do
1:Be careful with my food again.
2:Read 'The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl' to inspire me.
3:Drink more water/ cranberry juice
4: Don't give in to the caffeine cravings just because I have a headache.


Anonymous said...

Beating yourself up is like banging your head against a brick wall - it's so good when it stops! ;o)

Claire said...

oh I love that thought, Penelope.
I might have to print that out and stick it somewhere (nice)

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