Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Conversations with the boy, Part 12

The school photographer is coming today so the children were asked to "dress smart".

J: I want to wear my Thomas train driver outfit today.

M: Why sweetie?

J: We have to dress smart. I want to wear a jacket.

M: This wee outfit is lovely too. It's really cool.

J: But is it smart enough for the botocleooor to take my picture?

M: Oh yes sweetie, the botocleoor will think you are a very handsome boy.

Five minutes later -unrelated but worth sharing - "Mummy you look very beautiful in your clothes today".


Anonymous said...

Oh that is too adorable for words!! He does indeed look very handsome!
You look beautiful IN your clothes, as opposed to....?

Claire said...

Yes, that did worry me.
I promise you I don't wander about in the nip!

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