Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ooooh... OCD break through!

Housework done last night
1) Dishes washed.
2) Whites wash loaded into the machine.
3) Floors brushed.

Housework not done last night
1) Bathroom cleaned - and it needs it!
2) Kitchen windows washed - and they so need it too.
3) Sorting of clothes into work/ casual/ too big/ too small piles as promised.
4) Random decluttering of things which I've been doing for the last two weeks.

Word written: 600!
Of which I am happy with about 400.

My word count for Jumping in Puddles is now at just short of 88,000 words and it's all kicking off.


Donna said...

Housework - blech. I was avoiding it this past weekend but finally succumbed when I couldn't take it any longer.
Well, 400 out of 600 isn't bad ... right?

Penelope said...

Let's not discuss housework ;o)

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