Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy anniversary - I've a slight twitch in my eye

So anyway, this day 7 years ago I was a blushing bride (and three stone lighter... let's not sweat the small stuff).
Last night me and the husband went out for our dinner to celebrate and had a nice night together. When we came home I asked him had he noticed all the effort me and my mock OCD had gone to gut the house.
Seriously I've deep cleaned everything - decluttered and kept on top of little chores like bringing the washed towels up to the hot press (airing cupboard for you non N. Irish wans) etc instead of piling them in a washing basket in the kitchen til they almost reach the ceiling.

Husband said: "Not really".

As I said, twitch in my eye.
The seven year twitch.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Here's to many more years of twitching ;o)

Fionnuala said...

Claire, I'm getting worried......Put your bleach away and take out the computer! Write! Thats an order. If when I see you on 13th, you reek of bleach, I'm going to have to have words....words like 'A Tidy House is A Sign of A Wasted Life' words.
Step AWAY from the bleach!

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